Creating SuperHero Brands and
Designing Customer Adventures

Origin Story

Startup in Style

Just starting up? Don’t go on patrol in a homemade costume!

Agents of Branding will build your SuperHero Brand and equip you with everything you need to go out and make a fantastic first impression.
You might be small now, but we’ll help you make an incredible impact.

StartUp ID

  • Visuals
  • Mission / USP
  • Messaging

Pitch Materials


  • Web / Landing Page
  • Social Platform Setup
  • Email

Brand Power Up


Make Your Brand Heroic

Are sales slow and enthusiasm low? Don’t just standby.

Leave your current mild-mannered secret identity behind and embrace your iconic Superhero Brand Identity. Agents of Branding will tap into the best of who you are and what you do to transform your brand into a powerful customer inspiring symbol.


  • Brand Diagnostic
  • Process Review
  • Customer Analysis


  • Heroic Brand ID
  • Visual
  • Mission
  • Messaging


  • Web Presence
  • Social Media

Marketing Teamup


Create Customer Adventures

Out there looking for customers? Don’t go it alone.

Take control of your customer’s entire experience by taking them on an adventure. One where they begin with needing your help, become grateful customers and end up fans and supporters of your mission.

Customer Adventure Plans include
Strategy, Creative & Management for

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Sales Process
  • Customer Experience
  • +More


TeamUp With Agents of Branding

Activate an Agent Alert, or just give us a call, and we’ll fly into action to discuss how the Agents of Branding team can bring the power of SuperHero Branding and Customer Adventures to your business.

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