At Agents of Branding we harness our combined powers of expertise, experience and enthusiasm to provide superior marketing services for our clients.

At Agents of Branding we…

Build clear compelling brands with super-strong supporting messages.

Create stunning graphic design, logos and branded material paired with powerful copy.

Design, build and support winning websites and online presence including SEO optimization.

Craft, manage and present brand messages through social media.

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We are on a mission to…

Assemble breakout brands with sensational supporting messages

Build & Strengthen online identities, groundbreaking graphic design, lethal logos and big time branded material
teamed-up with clever, courageous and compelling copy

Target your ideal audiences with ruthlessly efficient analytics to get your marvelous messages in front of the right audience.

Deliver massive, measurable and meaningful results for your business.


The Network is no stranger to branding and online media, having spent the last seventeen years as the web development, internet marketing specialist and client services manager for the top names in political radio with his company 921 Associates, LLC.  Prior to starting 921 Associates, LLC, George founded Vivid Images Creative with his brother and creative director Ioannis, a full-service design and media firm whose clients included Universal Group, Sony, BMG, Independent Film Channel, Tribune and Sirius-XM Radio

Past Adventures:
Developed Digital strategies for media companies including WYD Media, Westwood One and Universal Records
Built Podcast network for top progressive media hosts
Managed online promotion and launches for radio shows, online events and films.


“I’ve worked with George for enough years to say with confidence that his unique blend of design creativity, real world technology expertise and huge heart make him the ideal multi-disciplinarian. It is really rare to find anyone with a programmer’s sensibility, a technologist’s knowledge and a business man’s common sense.”

– Jon Sinton
President Progressive Voices Network


“Now more than ever a company’s ability to clearly state its mission and values on and offlline is the difference between success and failure.”

The WordMason is a second generation direct response copywriting who as a young boy would sit in his father’s office designing ads for his favorite GI Joe toys. He founded WordMason Marketing almost a decade ago to bring together the power of words, emotion and storytelling to move readers to action.

Past Adventures:
Anthem Blue Cross Sales and Marketing
Crowdfunding Consultant
Nonprofit Marketing
Direct Response Copywriter

“Getting copywriting consulting from Mason Rabinowitz was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Our company is still in our first week of operations, but Mason’s help has already repaid his fee a dozen times over.”
– David Tien
 Aura Transformations     

“You can sell to anyone but you can’t market to everyone”
– Mason

Social Media Maven has always had the power of connection, introducing friends to each other at an early age. Her left brain was not to be ignored however, and the need for defined, provable results became a key quest both in her academic and professional career. From research to strategic brand implementation, she understands the importance of brand consistency and communication and applies the practice to every online platform.

Past Adventures:
Making brands the heroes in movies
television shows and music videos
Scaling ROI numbers for International Clients and mom and pop retail alike
Teaching non-profits communication skills in the online realms

“Giulia has an extensive background in advertising and marketing which gives her a strong platform from which to layer on new media – facebook, twitter, google adwords, website ads. She’s in her element with all new technology and expert at social marketing, a fast learner as new information becomes available.”

– Elizabeth Orsini
   Fairhaven Furniture

“The power of social media is fascinating to me because it is a conversation changer, LITERALLY”
– Giulia

Doctor Inkwell is a lifelong artist who was first inspired to use his artistic and marketing sensibilities to support businesses in his own small town of Bangor, Maine.  Now, through Monahan Design he puts his his prodigious art and design skills in the service of clients across the country.

Past Adventures:
Album art & videos for musicians
Branding restaurants
Design and production of trade show displays
Print and media designer

“Brian has an amazing ability to take a minimal amount of input information and produce some really great concepts that are simple straightforward and graphically interesting.”
– Bob Cutler
Restaurant Owner

“Live your design and design to live, balanced life and balanced brands come from the process of thinking through how to be authentic in what you do, and how you share it with the world.”
– Brian

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Your brand is the story your customers tell about you… make it an adventure with Agents of Branding.  We’re an elite collection of marketing professionals teaming up to combat the forces of lame and ineffective advertising, getting actionable results for our clients. Agents of Branding: Your Marketing Superteam.

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