Name: Social Media Maven
Alias: Giulia Gouge
Title: Digital Communications Specialist

Powers and Abilities:

Building a Mighty Online Presence
Putting the Social in Social Media
Giving Small Businesses a Big Voice


Giulia started her advertising adventures at a product placement company while going to school at the University of Southern California. She then moved back east to work her way up through the ranks of a New Haven marketing agency. After 15 years, and a flux in the economy, she started her own online communications business, providing guidance to area businesses and non-profits. Giulia then adventured on to become Digital Communications Specialist at Agents of Branding.

Past Adventures:
Making brands the heroes in movies, television shows, and music videos for UPP Entertainment Marketing
Brand Manager at Mason, Inc.
Scaling ROI numbers for International Clients and mom and pop retail alike as SheSoSocial
Teaching non-profits communication skills in the online realms

“Giulia has an extensive background in advertising and marketing which gives her a strong platform from which to layer on new media – facebook, twitter, google adwords, website ads. She’s in her element with all new technology and expert at social marketing, a fast learner as new information becomes available.”
Elizabeth Orsini Fairhaven Furniture

“The power of social media is fascinating to me because it is a conversation changer, LITERALLY” – Giulia