Creating SuperHero Brands and
Designing Customer Adventures

Make Your Brand Heroic

Superheroes are cultural touchstones. For over 75 years their origins, powers, and adventures resonate across generations and demographics.

Every Superhero shares similar elements (costumes, capes, secret identities and crime-fighting missions) but through their carefully constructed colors, symbols, missions, taglines and narratives, these characters have become distinct cultural icons.

Superheroes inspire, excite and create strong, lasting connections… isn’t that exactly what you want for your business?

Iconic Hero Branding Process

Our Iconic Hero Branding Process takes the powerful core elements of the classic superhero and partners them with the best of both classic and modern brand design.

Through this process, we discover and reveal the heroic aspects of your business, products, and customers. Then, we create compelling visuals and inspiring messaging to express to your customers the best of who you are.

Whether we’re powering up your current brand or creating something entirely new, our process guarantees your Iconic Hero Brand will be authentic, exciting and unforgettable.

Transform your brand from…Mild Mannered to SUPERHERO

If You Want More Customers - Give Your Customers More!

If you want higher sales, satisfied customers, repeat purchases, positive reviews, and die-hard fans, then you need to deliver more than just advertising and your product. Customers want more, and they deserve more.

Conventional Advertising isn’t enough, and the traditional Customer Journey ends too soon that’s why we design Customer Adventures.

What’s a Customer Adventure?

Patterned after Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, this is a holistic plan that guides every step of your customer’s interaction with your brand through Five Fantastic Stages: I Prologue, II Sales & Education, III Purchase, IV Post-Purchase and V Continuing Adventure as you…

Identify your potential Adventurers
Understand their Hopes & Fear
Call them to Adventure
Become their Trusted Mentor
Guide them Across the Threshold of Purchase
Ensure their Triumphant Success
Help them tell their Heroic Story
Keep the Adventure Going

Transform your brand from...Mild Mannered to SUPERHERO

Origin Story


Startup in Style

Just starting up? Don’t go on patrol in a homemade costume!

Agents of Branding will build your SuperHero Brand and equip you with everything you need to go out and make a fantastic first impression.
You might be small now, but we’ll help you make an incredible impact.

StartUp ID

  • Visuals
  • Mission / USP
  • Messaging

Pitch Materials


  • Web / Landing Page
  • Social Platform Setup
  • Email

Brand Power Up


Make Your Brand Heroic

Are sales slow and enthusiasm low? Don’t just standby.

Leave your current mild-mannered secret identity behind and embrace your iconic Superhero Brand Identity. Agents of Branding will tap into the best of who you are and what you do to transform your brand into a powerful customer inspiring symbol.


  • Brand Diagnostic
  • Process Review
  • Customer Analysis


  • Heroic Brand ID
  • Visual
  • Mission
  • Messaging


  • Web Presence
  • Social Media

Marketing Teamup


Create Customer Adventures

Out there looking for customers? Don’t go it alone.

Take control of your entire customer experience and take your customer on an adventure starts with them needing your help, has them grateful to become customers and then true fans and supporters of your mission.

Customer Adventure Plans include
Strategy, Creative & Management for

  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Sales Process
  • Customer Experience
  • +More

The Agents

Our Agents of Branding team is passionate about Heroic Branding and Customer Adventures because…

We Believe Your Branding and Marketing Should Produce Results!

Real Results for your business that are:


With hard numbers and key metrics


To your success and bottom line


Continually through analysis and optimization


Heroes Take Action

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